Are You Confused About Vitamins?

Trying to figure out how to stay healthy, eat right, exercise, is becoming a real daunting task. There are countless books, articles and not to mention talk show hosts telling us how just about everything we are doing is wrong. Argh!!!

A few years ago I became very ill. I was loosing weight from my already thin frame, vomiting and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was poked a million times, got every test available; allergies, blood cells…
Being in the hospital without a diagnosis makes for a very confusing nurse who filled me up with drugs to help me sleep and poop which I wasn’t able to do for over a month.

Whatever it was it took over my family’s mental health they were overwhelmed and scared. I finally decided one night that I needed to become my own doctor after reading an article about Daphne Miller in Vogue Magazine.
So my new best friend became Amazon; I started reading books about anything related to health, indigestion, vitamins, food…
A lot of books I read were too scientific for me and very boring. One night whilst looking for more books on these subjects I noticed in the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section of Amazon a book called “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis. Initially I thought “who is this asshole” who thinks so highly of himself to call a book that? But guess what? He is my lifesaver. After reading and following “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis I was healed and out of the hospital.

Today I can honestly say that “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis is my bible. Anywho, after all the reading I noticed that almost everyone spoke about the same things in different ways so here is a list of what Vitamins to take instead of going crazy at the health food store.

Everyday use, covering most basic health needs
1.  Multivitamin
2.  Vitamin D3
3.  Fish Oils
4.  Probiotics

Stressed Out?
1.  B Complex
2.  Magnesium
3.  Acetyl Glutathione
4.  L-Theanin

Sleep Deprived?
1.  Acetyl Glutathione
2.  CoQ10
3.  Magnesium

Feeling Low?
1.  B Complex
2.  Powdered Greens
3.  Acetyl Glutathione

If You Live In A Cold Climate:
1.  Magnesium
2.  Powdered Greens
3.  B Complex
*It’s also essential to have your Vitamin D levels checked in case you are deficient.

Trying To Loose Weight?
1.  Acetyl Glutathione
2.  MCT Oil
3.  Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Are You A Vegetarian?
1.  B Complex
2.  Acetyl Glutathione
3.  CoQ10

Aging??? (Aren’t We All???)
1.  Acetyl Glutathione
2.  CoQ10
3.  Alpha-Lipoic Acid
4.  B complex

Bowel Troubles?
1.  Powdered Greens
2.  Magnesium

In Need Of An Immunity Boost?
1.  Acetyl Glutathione
2.  Probiotics
3.  MCT Oil

Ouch Inflammation:
1.  Turmeric
2.  Fish Oil
3.  Vitamin D3

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