Making An Instagram Photo Album

Don’t you find that nothing beats the charm of an actual photo album?
The folks at Artifact Uprising totally agree.

That’s why they’ve created an app that lets you turn your Instagram and iPhone photos into a stunning, tangible book in a matter of minutes.

How it works: Download the free app and select the Photo Book ($17) option. Next, Artifact Uprising culls all the images from your phone (camera roll, Instagram, photo streams, etc.) and asks you to pick a cover photo. Then the hard part sets in–choosing 30 to 100 images to fill the pages.

Once you’ve completed that grueling task, the book is uploaded to your phone, where you can adjust the layouts, zoom in or out and tweak the sequencing. The final steps are previewing your book (don’t worry, you’ll be prompted to check for spelling errors!) and whizzing through an easy checkout.

Your well-designed, soft-cover masterpiece should arrive in about two weeks.

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