A Starchitects Fest

Is there anything more delicious than wandering around other people’s nice houses? Turns out, yes: getting to lookie-loo at fancy homes while relaxing in air-conditioned comfort. That’s why we’re headed to the Architecture & Design Film Festival for five days of cinematic eye candy, beginning March 12.

The lineup includes piles of local love: Coast Modern, an hour-long look at the classics of modernist architecture from Los Angeles to Vancouver; Levitated Mass, a detailed dive into the recent installation of a two-story, 340-ton boulder at LACMA; andThe Oyler House: Richard Neutra’s Desert Retreat, the fascinating story of how, in 1959, a humble civil servant asked a bigwig architect to design him a home, which still stands today in the Owens Valley.

The fest, which takes place at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, includes panel discussions with local architects (Barbara Bestor) and modernism buffs like actress Kelly Lynch, the current owner of the Oyler House. And there’s scintillating international content, too, like a charming 50-minute documentary zeroing in on fashion and housewares dynamo Paul Smith.

Oodles of house hunting; no buyer’s remorse.

Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring St.; 213-489-0994 or adfilmfest.com

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