Practice App For Your Tongue


Practice makes pleasure! New app lets you lick your touch screen to learn lady-pleasing techniques.

A new app is set on teaching your tongue a few new tricks when it comes to pleasure in the bedroom.

Using your own touch screen, Lick This features three interactive tongue exercises to improve both skill and technique.

One test has users flick a light switch using their tongue, while another has a crank that can only be turned by licking the screen effectively.

ImageCreated by San Francisco creatives at Club Sexy Time, the idea for the app came after completing The Dalí Museum Staring Contest app for The Dali Museum. in St. Petersburg, Florida.

‘We were in a surrealist mindset,’ Club Sexy Time’s co-designer Christopher P Allick told Fast Co.

While testing your tongue, Lick This could also test your ability to avoid your germ-infested phone screen.

It has been reported that most mobiles harbor up to 4,200 units of bacteria that can result in flu and other illnesses. So Club Sexy Time advises covering the phone in plastic wrap prior to licking.


Lick This also offers the challenge of moving a beach ball with your tongue, and there will be more exercises on the way.

‘People in the office have contributed other options,’ said co-designer Pablo Rochat.

‘Moving a zipper up and down, solving a maze, ringing a doorbell,’ he explained.

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