The 2014 Oscars

Every year it’s the same thing; much expectation but little delivery. I believe that The Oscars should be the moment that the ladies pull out all the stops. I now call on all actresses to please wow me next year because I’m bored. Here are some of my rules:

  1. Stay away from cream colored gowns
  2. Stay away from hairstyles that requires you to add a headband
  3. Turtlenecks are not red-carpet
  4. Avoid fabrics that wrinkle while you are in the car
  5. Stop wearing the same style because you are too scared to try something new
  6. The red-carpet is not a time to experiment with new stylists i.e. makeup, hair…
  7. Being orange is NOT the new skin color
  8. If you are going to show some skin; choose ONE body part
  9. Gloves are unacceptable unless the red-carpet is in Iceland
  10. Unless you are a man or Ellen DeGeneres; pants are forbidden
  11. If you don’t have a gorgeous cleavage – do not wear anything revealing
  12. You are not Tina Turner so stop wearing tassels
  13. If it has a cap-sleeve it’s not for ANY red carpet
  14. MEN, if you are a waiter you may wear white
  15. If your hair is down and I can see both your ears; you need a new hairstylist

So with all that said, here are my favorite looks for this year’s Oscars

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