The Oscar Swag Bag

The world’s best goody bag: Academy Awards nominees take home $85,000 worth of gifts including sex drive enhancement and a $15,000 trip to Japan

  • Nominees and presenters at this year’s Academy Awards received an extravagant gift bag
  • The bag has 50 gifts ranging in price from $6.49 to $16,000
  • This year’s haul is worth a total of $85,000 – last year’s bag was worth $55,000
  • The most expensive item in the bag is a $16,000 voucher towards hair transplant treatment
  • Holidays stars will receive include a $15,000 walking tour of Japan and luxury stays in Hawaii and Mexico
  • The oddest gifts this year were an ‘O-Shot’ procedure to enhance a woman’s orgasm and his ‘n’ hers pepper spray guns

There was only one winner in each category at Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony, but the losers didn’t go home empty-handed thanks to the annual gift bag.

All nominees and presenters head home with the goodie bag, curated by Distinctive Assets for the past 12 years.

The 50 gifts comprising this year’s bag range in price from $6.50 to $16,000.

Getting their goods into the hands of Hollywood’s biggest stars of the moment is a valuable marketing exercise for boutique businesses.

A spokesperson for Distinctive Assets told Business Insider that this year’s swag bag was so much larger than last year’s because of a spike in interest from companies.


  1. DrainWig plug that prevents hair clogging the drain – $6.49
  2. Fabric wrap from European company Wrag Wrap – $15
  3. Organic pet shampoo from Simon’s Happy Pet – $15
  4. Six-pack of Naked Luxury condoms – $20
  5. Three-in-one dry-cleaning bags from Green Garmento – $23
  6. Bluetooth camera shutter remote for Apple products from HISY – $24.99
  7. AVIV 613 Vodka – $30
  8. Herbal tea-based lollipops from Dosha Pops – $35
  9. Hydroxycut weight loss gummies, protein bars, and shakes – $38.96
  10. ‘Honey’ made from organic apples from Bee Free Honee – $39
  11. Tea from Blossom Blends – $49.95
  12. ‘Loaded: The Story of a Ghost’ graphic novel – $49.95
  13. A DVD advertising cash off the services of aspiring film maker Charles Van Loucks – $50
  14. Dinnerware from Slimware – $59
  15. Cannonball Wines – $60
  16. Caramels and sweets from Betty Jane Candies – $69.75
  17. Candles that double as perfume and warm massage oil from Objects with Purpose – $70
  18. Horse shampoo and conditioner made for human hair from Mane ‘N Tail – $95.35
  19. Beauty products from M3K Beauty – $100
  20. Organic makeup products by Diane Capt – $105
  21. Activity tracker from Polar Loop – $109.95
  22. Go Pro hair dryer from Coolway – $120
  23. Two Mace pepper guns – $120
  24. Accessories from CherryT Knit & Co. $158
  25. Hookahzz E-Cigarettes and E-Liquids – $162
  26. Shellfish knife set – $185
  27. Leather iPhone 5 case from Vetvik – $230
  28. Leather purse from Jitseu. A $279
  29. Portable camera and app from Narrative Clip – $279
  30. Organic maple syrup from Rouge Maple – $280
  31. Swiss-made Slow Watch – $290
  32. Organic skin, body, and hair products from Acure – $300
  33. Jan Lewis bangle bracelet made from wood shapes – $400
  34. House call with acupuncturist and nutritionist Heather Lounsbury – $500
  35. Lifetime membership to a meditation gym from – $500
  36. Tickets to all-kid pro Cirque troupe, Le Petit Cirque – $575
  37. Max Martin luxury shoes – $750
  38. Tiny dancers: Tickets to see the children’s circus Le Petit Cirque are $575
  39. 10 personal training sessions with Huntley Drive Fitness – $850
  40. Supplies from Epic Pet Health – $1,571.98
  41. Five-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii – $2,000
  42. Home spa system from Steamist – $2560
  43. ‘O-Shot’ procedure to help a woman’s sex drive – $2,700
  44. Resort stay at the Imanta’s Ocean Casa suite in Mexico – $3,300
  45. Water filtration system from Krystal Klear Water – $4895
  46. Artworks from Gizara – $5,000
  47. 10,000 meal donations from Ellen DeGeneres’ Halo Spot’s Stew pet food to a shelter of the nominee’s choice – $6,100
  48. Two-day Rocky Mountaineer train excursion from Vancouver to Alberta in the Canadian Rockies – $6,850
  49. Trip to Las Vegas including tickets to shows, backstage passes to meet Meatloaf and Boyz II Men and two nights at the Riviera Penthouse Suite – $9,000
  50. Walking tour around Japan from Walk Japan – $15,000

‘This year we had so many vendors approach the team at Distinctive Assets wanting to be a part of the gift bag,’ say the spokesperson.

‘There are also several luxury items included which really boost up the value.’

It’s unclear how much of the swag is actually utilized by the celebrities themselves or if it’s simply handed off as gifts for overworked staff members or family.

Either way, the publicity that comes from a spot in the bag is clearly worth the expense for vendors.

CNN reports that Ally Sinclair, owner of New Mexico-based chocolate company Cocopotamus, has made the investment several times and would do it again in a heartbeat.

Last year, she was invited to spruik her Cocopotamus wares at one of the Oscars’ charity events in which Sinclair says nominees and presenters ‘traipse’ through hotel ballrooms decorated like ‘a Saudi Arabian princess’ wedding,’ and help themselves to anything they fancy, from clothing to diamond jewelry to chocolate truffles.

The whole event cost Sinclair $10,000 in flights and accommodation and $6,000 in product that was given away free to celebrities.

But as a result of these events, Sinclair says Cocopotamus’ sales have tripled and she now has a distribution deal with Whole Foods.

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