Looking For Luxury Consignment? Try Vaunte

Dallas ladies are familiar with local writer and blogger Kristie Ramirez Hoitsma, who has been heralded for her sophisticated spin on Texas fashion. Now they can know her even better–by raiding her closet.

Thanks to Vaunte, luxury consignment shopping just got a bit more voyeuristic. The site, which sells new and secondhand designer clothing and accessories, recently opened its doors to Dallas fashion mavens like Ramirez, offering their cast-off but near-pristine Prada and beautiful Balenciaga at OMG-low prices.

Started by former Gilt Groupe execs in late 2012, Vaunte is like eBay on steroids. Think high-end names like Isabel Marant, Louis Vuitton, Fendi and Valentino, but for a fraction of the cash you’d pay at retail. (Plus, Vaunte has a buyer-protection policy that ensures 100 percent authenticity, and every item it sells is vigorously screened.)

But as much fun as shopping is, we also love just browsing all the goods–whether it’s Ramirez’s predilection for Piamita or local writer Joslyn Taylor’s love of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Got some Rag & Bone you’re looking to unload? Yes, you can sell your own clothes as well.

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