To Buy Or Not To Buy: A Crocodile

DO NOT  buy crocodiles!!! Ever!!!

No good will come from crocodile collecting. They are WILD animals.

That said, if one did want to buy a crocodile, there is a massive sale going on right now in northwest Australia.
Wyndham Crocodile Park is selling more than 50 large predatory aquatic reptiles.

“We’re just keen to see them go to a new home, so we’re willing to pass them on relatively cheap,” owner Mark Douglas told ABC News Australia.

Douglas intends to sell the park, but wants to make sure the creatures aren’t homeless first. “We’ve got some of the biggest crocodiles out of all of the parks here, some of the oldest crocodiles that have been in captivity, so we don’t want to see them destroyed.”

Douglas says the crocodiles are worth over $100,000, and that if someone does not buy them, they will be made into skins.

Even though he’s itching to sell the prehistoric-looking beasts, Douglas will not sell to anyone who wants to buy a croc as a pet. “What I’d like to see is a farmer from around the Kununurra area, with access to irrigated water, start up their own farm,” he explained.


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