A new brand of jeans promises to give you ‘more junk in the trunk’ with the clever use of shading, stitching and strategic pocket placement.

The specially designed pants, which are sold at a small New York retailer called Ivido Jeans, are the brainchild of Colombian business woman Ivis Gonzalez.

‘In South America we really celebrate our bum,’ she told CTV News Vancouver. ‘It’s not about being skinny. It’s just to wear the right thing for your body and feel like a woman.’

Instead of normal sizings, the pants come in fun, Latina dance-inspired names like Tango (size 2), Salsa (size 4) and Flamenco (size 10). The ‘plus-sizes’ are called Delicious, Sweet Delicious and Hot Delicious.

They come in various shades, from light blue to black, and range in price between $85 and $110 per pair.

According to customer Stefanie Cornell, who tried on the jeans for the news channel, the butt-lifting design is not just a gimmick.

‘When you put them on, it’s like stepping into a standing ovation. You can’t help but strut,’ she gushed.


And another satisfied customer named Danae Dumontet claimed her own derriere grew by an incredible five sizes.

Some of the jeans even come with a built-in girdle, for women who want to shrink their tummies while making their backsides look more pronounced

The jeans are all made in Ms Gonzalez’s home country of Colombia, and the store owner tries to inject her own Latina sensibility into the brand in other ways as well.

On Tuesdays, for instance, the store – which is located on West Broadway – hosts salsa dancing classes for customers who want to shake their perky assets in the jeans.

‘That is why the Ivido brand was conceived,’ Ms Gonzalez writes on her website.

‘To showcase the unique harmony and sensuality that every woman’s body possesses, irrespective of their size or weight.

‘We at Ivido are here to help you incorporate some Latin flavor into your wardrobe,’ she adds.

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