Luxury Train Vacations

SafariPride of Africa
Travel from South Africa to Namibia, stopping at places like the Great Fish River (the second-largest canyon in the world) and Etosha National Park (where you’re in for two days of safari drives to see wild animals in their natural settings).

Upcoming trip: Namibia Safari, April 8 (from $4,370 for nine days)

*Prices are subject to change and reflect overnight stays. 

TrainSlide2Royal Scotsman
The Royal Scotsman has the aristocratic charm of a five-star country hotel. There’s even an on-board kilt maker. Just in case, you know, you need a new kilt.

Upcoming trip: Grand Northwestern Journey, April 21 (from $10,540 for eight days)




Glacier Express 
This self-described “world’s slowest express train” offers a gorgeous high-altitude trek through Switzerland’s alpine wonders. The major selling point is the panoramic glass ceiling, which lets travelers see frozen lakes, snowcapped forests and ice-blue glaciers from just about every angle.

Suggestion: Pack your sunglasses.

Upcoming trip: St. Moritz to Zermatt, trains depart daily (from $166 for an eight-hour day trip)


Journeying from one coast to the other, this train moves north to south through Australia’s Red Center desert. Among many high-end amenities, the Ghan boasts its own radio station, which you can tune into anytime for audio commentary about your trip.
Upcoming trip: Adelaide to Darwin, trains depart daily (from $1,408 for two nights)



Venice Simplon Orient Express 

In the 1920s and ’30s, the Orient Express played a significant role in trans-European travel. Today, each car has been restored to its former glory–from the oversized art deco wing chairs to the intricately carved wooden panels. Just be forewarned: Per historical accuracy, there are no bathrooms en suite.

Upcoming trip: Venice to Paris, April 2 (from $2,620 for two days)


Rocky Mountaineer

This double-level glass-domed train speeds past snowcapped peaks, pounding waterfalls and rushing rivers. Though the Mountaineer is super-comfy, passengers don’t actually sleep on board. Instead, you pull in for nightly stops at the hotel of your choice along the way.

Upcoming trip: Canadian Rockies Getaway, April 28 (from $3,353 for nine days)




Blue Train
The iconic Blue train features onboard spa treatments, five-star local cuisine and a boutique selling wildlife-inspired fine jewelry. Can you imagine looking out the window at the breathtaking views of giraffes and elephants in their natural habitat?

Upcoming trip: Pretoria to Cape Town, April 7 (from $1,286 for one night) 

TrainSlide8Palace on Wheels
This old-school Indian train has cabins that are decked out in sumptuous silks. Personal attendants attend to your every need. And a dramatic red carpet is unfurled each time you get on or off the train. The itinerary includes stops at Udaipur castles and the Taj Mahal.

Upcoming trip: A Week in Wonderland, April 2 (from $3,497 for six nights)



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