The Old Way VS. The New Resume

Your professional achievements are certainly impressive, but be honest with yourself: Your résumé looks exactly like everybody else’s and so does mine. I’ve tried so many varieties and have yet to actually like my own until now.

To jazz things up–and to make future employers take notice–welcome Sumry, a new website for creating gorgeous, easy-to-navigate digital résumés that tell your story rather than list your skills.

To get started on your own, upload a headshot and enter basic information like your education and job history. Sumry then prompts you to add personal details designed to set you apart from other candidates. Maybe you’re passionate about French cinema, for instance. Or maybe a former colleague wants to contribute a quote about your cheery disposition. You can even link directly to any relevant blogs, online portfolios or social media accounts.

The basic digital service is free. But if you want to download and print your Sumry (it’s even more gorgeous on paper), you’ll need to upgrade to a premium account for $3 a month–a small price to pay in the move toward landing your dream job, no?

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