Thinking of Renting a Vacation Home?

Here are some summer houses with cool features:


For the musically inclined

Here’s a Coxsackie manor house (circa 1790) with a concert piano in the living room. Oh, and the sickest kitchen you’ve ever seen. (Would you like dinner next to the fireplace?) ($3,500 a week; sleeps 12)


For the nature walkers

See those rolling hills just beyond this, um, perfect pool? That’s a 140-acre farm, complete with streams and ponds, at your exploring disposal. You’ll be staying in the Warwick property’s converted creamery but have access to everything else, including the vegetable garden and gas/charcoal grill. ($1,000 a week; sleeps four)


For the architecture enthusiasts

This New Paltz house is a dome. Really. It’s hard to beat the morning light that streams in through these floor-to-ceiling windows–that then double as skylights. ($2,100 a week; sleeps five)

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