Finally A Home I Can Buy In England



Costing just $49,500 each, these stackable prefabricated one-bedroom dwellings could help solve London’s housing crisis. The Y:Cube by architectural firm Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners is an answer to the city’s rising house prices, which have pushed out many residents, leading to a high number of people living on the streets or in hostels.

The units can be stacked vertically or placed side-by-side depending on the size and space available, and they’ll be paid for by a housing charity or local provider with rent as low as $205 per week. The homes are well insulated to reduce heating needs, and come with all necessary utilities like plumbing and electric built-in. 
Each unit has a projected 60-year lifespan.The Y:Cube can be used individually or in modular multi-story developments. Built using mostly renewable materials, each unit measures 280 square feet and includes a bedroom, en-suite bathroom, and combined living room and kitchen area. The interior partition walls can be moved around to customize the space.


Developed in collaboration with the YMCA, the Y:Cube has already been used in a pilot project of 36 units in the London Borough of Merton, stacked three-high and configured in a horseshoe shape around a garden. Additional complexes, including a 105-unit housing development, are in the works.

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