A Groovy Place To Buy Art


The City of Angels’ thriving fine-art scene just got a wacky new addition: Velveteria, a museum devoted to velvet paintings, has opened in Chinatown with 500 ridiculously soft works of art. There are the usual suspects–Jesus, sad clowns, unicorns–as well as contemporary notables including Anderson Cooper and Miley Cyrus.

California natives Caren Anderson and Carl Baldwin opened the place in December after moving from Portland, Oregon, where they began their personal collection of 3,000 paintings. The L.A. museum is hung floor to ceiling with vintage and new velvet art. A plush hot-pink curtain parts to reveal assorted themed galleries including Elvis, John F. Kennedy, voluptuous island girls and a collection called “Kings and Queens of Los Angeles” (hello, Hugh Hefner, Michael Jackson and former Dodgers coach Tommy Lasorda).

But noses down, art snobs, it’s not all kitsch: The owners have a rare early Japanese work on silk and wrote the genre’s definitive tome, available at the museum.

Visit Thursday through Sunday, and ask the witty duo to show you around–and don’t miss the loo’s collection of paintings with potty humor and a certain CNN anchor in his underwear.

Velveteria, 711 New High St.; 503-309-9299 or velveteria.com

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