The Hasselblad Masters Photography Competition

Every two years Hasselblad holds a photography competition – Hasselbad Masters, this highly competitive and exclusive competition attracts the new and the established, traditional and experimental, western and eastern. For 2014 competition over 4000 entrees were received, and after much selection and dissection, 12 winners Masters were chosen, each representing a different category of this visual communication field. The Masters exemplify photography at its most inspired and communicative, and of course most sublime. While being quite varied in the style and theme, they all share a common thread – beautifully conveying the raw impact of the essence, moment, and emotion of the subject.

1. Category: Fashion/Beauty, Master: Bara Prasilova, Czech Republic


2. Category: Wildlife, Master: Rafael Rojas, Switzerland


3. Category: Product, Master: Bryn Griffiths, United Kingdom


4. Category: Fine Art, Master: Rafal Maleszyk, United States


5. Category: Project/21, Master: Paul Gisbrecht, Germany


6. Category: Editorial, Master: Antonio Pedrosa, Portugal
7. Category: Wedding/Social, Master: Joseph Goh Meng Huat, Singapore


8. Category: Landscapes/Nature, Master: Hengki Koentjoro, Indonesia


9. Category: Portrait, Master: Dmitry Ageev, Russian Federation


10. Category: Architecture, Master: Martin Schubert, Denmark


11. Category: General, Master: Roman Jehanno, France


12. Category: Underwater, Master: Chris Straley, United States



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