Multipod Studio Giving Pipe Dreams A Reality


An inexpensive sustainable home that you can build yourself over the course of a long weekend might seem like a pipe dream, but French architectural firm Multipod Studio is making it a reality. Their Pop-Up House is made primarily of polystyrene blocks and, according to Multipod Studio, can be built with nothing more than an electric screwdriver, even by someone with no previous construction experience.


The finished house is an impressive 1,614 square feet and includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, living area, office, and terrace. Besides the polystyrene blocks, the home is composed of a spruce wood frame and laminate wooden floor.

The home has an airtight thermal envelope and, in sunny climates, requires no heating system at all. In areas that do require a heating system, the Pop-Up House is inexpensive to heat thanks to its excellent insulation. Everything about the house is removable and recyclable, so even at the end of its useful life it won’t create an environmental burden, something my friend Ian Somerhalder would love.


The Pop-Up House, in addition to meeting the rigorous specifications to be designated a passive house, is expected to cost only a smidge over $40,000. That price is just for the house and labor, however, and doesn’t include the installation of plumbing and electrical systems. The house isn’t quite out of the prototype stage just yet, so you’ll just have to wait to get your own easy-build house.





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