No More Fumbling For Your Keys


You might remember Kevo from a 2012 episode of Shark Tank (it was funded by Mark Cuban). But the technology has only now come to market–in the form of a keyless deadbolt that’s controlled via smartphone.

Here’s how it works: Replace your existing door lock with the Kevo ($212). Then you download the Kevo app and link your physical lock with a virtual “eKey” that lives on your phone. (It’s a five-minute setup.)

From then on, anytime you’re near the door and have your phone with you, the Kevo knows you’re there. To lock and unlock the door, all you have to do is tap your finger to the lock itself. Much like the door locks on hotel rooms, the Kevo will flash blue to grant you access.

You can secure eKeys for every member of your family (they’ll also finger-tap to get in), and you can give temporary ones to houseguests, dog walkers and the like.

Worried the technology just might kill your Luddite grandmother? Fear not: The Kevo also works with totally traditional house keys.

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