Why do we make a point to kiss her at the entrance and exit?

Why do we make a point to kiss her at the entrance and exit?

What happened to the man whose mezuzah housed a mistake; instead of saying “and let grass”, it read “and gave a nerve”?

She is on all slides, some of us don’t even notice it, some of us kiss her, but many of us do not even know what’s in it and what it is intended to do.

Does the mezuzah really keep the house safe? What does it mean? And why does she need our kisses?

 Only when you believe in what is written in the Torah – then we can start talking about the mezuzah.images (1)
After all, for someone who does not believe, it’s just a mezuzah with a parchment inscribed with Torah portions, or at most an obscure Jewish symbol. But the believer understands that the mezuzah has a broad impact on tenants and all.

“According to Kabbalah in every home, especially in homes of the Jews, there are spiritual beings who want to harm the house and its inhabitants which is why we keep it in the house” explains Rabbi Sofer. “I personally know countless stories of instances where one letter in the scripture of the mezuzah was wrong – and this caused various problems at home.
I know a man who was very sad for a long time, and did not understand why there is this extent of unexplainable sadness. He took the mezuzah to be reviewed and his Rabbi discovered a mistake.
Instead of the verse “and let your grass be in herb ‘it said, and let your grass be in nerve.”

It’s like a warning light on the dash. How does such a small error, one letter, have such a huge impact?

“First, God is sending signals, then the person should examine his deeds, the doorjambs and everything around it – it’s like a warning light on the dashboard in the car.
It’s like we take an engineer who changed some of the lines in his drawing, and the building turned out with a curve. Rabbi Sofer said, ‘so what, my hand slipped a little and it added a curved line?’
One mistake of the author or moisture coming in smeared drops in the script, creating spiritually unacceptable situation in which the mezuzah can no longer provide protection for the home.”

Rabbi Yitzhak Gabai stresses that the mezuzah “mostly keeps the pests outside running around the world. Let’s call it negative energy that can influence human thought, word and deed. Adam can get up in the morning with just sadness and negative energy, seemingly for no apparent reason. The mezuzah’s purpose is to take away these energies.”

“Maimonides writes that putting a mezuzah at the entrance to a person’s home to naturally remind you that God is with him everywhere,” explains Rabbi Sofer. “After all, the person usually behaves well on the streets. The problems begin when he is in hidden places, behind closed doors. So the mezuzah is among other things, a sign that God is everywhere and that there is a Seeing Eye and hearing ear, and your actions are written in the book. ”

Why do we kiss the mezuzah?
“Because it’s a lovely thing. When a man kisses his son – do we ask why he does it every day?
When a man puts his hand upon leaving the house, says the number of verses and kisses, he actually pulls the retention of the mezuzah “.

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