Amazing Bed Linen

Parachute_1-1200x800Our sheets are our best friends–after triumphs and tough days alike, they’re ready to envelope us.

Now, thanks to Parachute Home, we’ve taken our linen appreciation to the next level. This new online store sells delicious, Italian-made bedding (from $249 for a set) in white, powder blue and ash. Because really, sometimes basics are just better.

The line is designed in California by a former fashion publicist who wanted to recreate the dreamy sheets she remembered from an Amalfi Coast vacation but offer them at a rock-bottom, no-middleman price.

We love the soft feel of Parachute’s wares–and its excellent sheet guidelines, below.

Thread count is a myth. Many makers inflate thread counts. Look instead for certain fabrics, such as buttery Egyptian cotton, or a weave, like a lustrous sateen or crisp percale.

There’s a trick to tidy-looking pillowcases. An envelope-style back–like Parachute’s–will always appear neater than the common open-sided design.

Making the bed in five minutes: Copy the Europeans, who don’t use a top sheet. Instead, sleep beneath a duvet with a removable cover (from $179) that you wash weekly. Although if you are really stuck in your ways, Parachute aims to please everyone and carries top sheets for an additional $50. hbz-parachute home sheets-1

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