Diabetes App from Israel

DarioAn Israeli medical device is making inroads into the $12 billion diabetes monitoring and insulin delivery market.

There are hundreds of glucose meters on the market – needed by diabetics to measure their blood sugar levels and determine how much insulin they need to administer – but the Dario system is one of just a few that uses smartphones to manage the meter itself.

“Diabetics are very community-minded and share information and knowledge in forums via social media and other methods, and we see a lot of photos of people using the system, with very positive reviews about how much more convenient and easy it is than alternative systems,” said Erez Raphael, CEO of Dario maker Labstyle Innovations.

The app automatically downloads information from the meter and uploads the data about the user’s activity and condition to the cloud, where it can be accessed by medical personnel for analysis. It also sends out reminders to users to check their blood, provides graphs and charts about how their blood sugar levels change throughout the day and even keeps track of calories and carbs, offering food suggestions to users based on their current sugar levels.

Read more at Times of Israel.

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