Just Do It!

One enormous problem with being a creative soul is that usually means your strengths aren’t so much on the business side. So making the leap from doing what you love to do to SUPPORTING yourself doing what you love to do can be confounding and daunting.

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Joke around.

It’s funny how humor works. Believe it or not, your sense of humor could make you a fortune. Take Zack Danger Brown for example, who put on Kickstarter a plea to help him raise $10.00 to MAKE POTATO SALAD. Not only did he parlay his creative idea into the 4th most successful Kickstarter of all time with nearly 7,000 backers and over $55,000 raised, but he also got corporate sponsors (Hellman’s Mayonnaise, the Idaho Potato Commission, and Hampton Creek) for his next gig, a festival called “PotatoStock.”

2. Stop dreaming and just do something.

Nowadays there are endless opportunities, so be creative and THINK BIG: Today there are literally billions of ways to get yourself and your talents out there — and an equally large audience looking for the next big thing. You can easily make and share your music online, start YouTubing advice and tips, create a web series, write an eBook, blog about random things you love, and generally make a name for yourself in countless ways. Whatever it is, be persistent and consistent.

3. Take weird jobs (they’re out there!).

The freaky oddball jobs are just as easy to find as “straight” jobs are, thanks to Craigslist and other online employment listings. Some of the weirdest Craigstlist job postings include: Beard Mentor, Dragon Slayer, Super Hero Sidekick, and Cat Holder-Downer.

4. Don’t just try to be “different.”

Don’t just try to be merely “different.” Kick it up a notch higher than that, and fly with something so original. You’ll never have to have a “straight” job again!

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