Meet A Few Crafty Talented Individuals

ingodwemust_headshot“The rings are literally made from coins that get lost, thrown into wells, or hiding in your couch.”

Elijah had always been a “creative type”, but it wasn’t until he saw a ring that sparked his interest, that he decided to learn how to make his own. After some help from both the internet and some skilled folks, he arrived at a process for creating items that would remind people of the places they came from — rings fashioned from state quarters. He eventually expanded his line to include antique coins — hammering, heating and elbow-greasing all of ’em into shape. There’s history in each and every piece (and they look pretty cool, too). Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.16.08 PM














ilsalovesrick_headshot“I would say the most interesting thing about my designs are that they are made with great intention and integrity, designed to be worn alone or layered for a more or less bold statement of simplicity.”

After getting an MFA from Yale, Gabrielle had a long and illustrious career as a portrait photographer. It was while attending a film conference with her husband that she had a fated run-in with jewelry design—launching her onto a totally different path. Well, not that different, according to Gabrielle. The meditative process of developing a silver negative is not unlike working molten gold at a bench. And the modernist aesthetic that grounded her artwork is also reflected in her elegant jewelry designs. They make a statement of simplicity. (Yes, that is possible.) So, who IS Ilsa? That’s a Casablanca reference, a nod to a great, iconic love, which everyone should possess and surround themselves with, if you ask Gabrielle.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.18.25 PM













BreMarie_headshot“I believe passion, great design, and a well-made product will outlive any trend, and that it’s possible to create beautiful things without harming the earth’s resources.”

When Breanna decided to make the switch from graphic design to jewelry design, she found that there were some differences in her style. While her graphic design work was typically minimalist, Breanna’s jewelry pieces are often quite intricate, with feminine details. In her new collection, Breanna worked to bring her two instincts together, merging styles to create a line that’s strong, beautiful and not at all cluttered. She uses recycled metals and fair-trade gems to create elegant pieces, which are named after the women who inspired them — Billie Holiday and Queen Victoria among them.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.21.07 PM














ReneeFrancesJewelry_headshot“Designs begin by casting a found object, often from nature, which is then manipulated into something new. Sometimes the final piece resembles the cast object but often it is far removed.”

Renee has a very natural approach to jewelry making. “Natural” in the sense that most of her pieces are inspired from small findings from the outdoors — in fact, her first collection grew from inspiration found in a pine cone (humble beginnings at their finest). Her methods are raw and accident-prone and that’s what makes her jewelry so interesting, the natural flaws and imperfections make each piece truly unique. Her pieces let you express your love for the great outdoors in trinket form — a great way to save on bug spray, we might add.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 10.23.01 PM


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