Cleaning Frenzy

With four dogs, two teenagers, a cat, a newt it’s no wonder everyone who calls me get’s the obvious reply to “What you doing”? with “CLEANING”!
If you happen to stop by you will almost always see me with a bottle of spray cleaner and my holy grail ‘Magic Eraser’. mrClean_prod01_img_01

My biggest fear is that someone will decide to drop by and they’ll leave my house saying that it smells like dog; I would die.

lestoilheavydutymultipurposecleanerSo I’m obsessive about cleaning, what can I do. In fact, I find cleaning more relaxing then Yoga. Unfortunately for me, the humans in this house do not like scented candles so I keep my house smelling clean by using ‘Lestoil’ which smells like a wood shop. Love it…

So far no one has said that my house smells like dog to my face even though I constantly ask the question; “Do you find the house smells clean?”
How do I keep it clean with all the crazy humans and animals? Here’s a list of tasks to help you get started on the questof the cleanest house on earth. Don’t forget you’re added advantage; you can use scented candles 🙂


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