Comfort Texas Here I Come

So if you haven’t already heard, Melanie and I are planning an epic Road Trip thru the US. The entire trip will be filmed for a series and we are super excited. The details are still being written and I promise to keep you posted on all things related.
If you have any tips for Melanie and I please share; I would love to read some tips from you.

images (1)There are a few places that we don’t want to miss out on. For Melanie it’s Colorado, for me it’s Georgia.
One destination we aren’t passing on is amazing Texas. Whilst doing research on the state I came across a fun looking hotel that I wanted to share with, although Melanie and I will be staying in our RV I thought I might post this lovely Hotel in Comfort, Texas:

Roughly equidistant from Austin and San Antonio, in the Hill Country of central Texas, the town of Comfort does its level best to live up to its name. Camp Comfort seems to be an excellent reason to stop for a while.

This former bowling alley was established in 1901, which you would think was before bowling was really a thing; thus it’s spared the utilitarian strip-mall style of the typical mid-century bowling alley, opting for something a bit more rustic and hand-made. Today they call it a “boutique bed and breakfast,” and they do not misspeak. Finely weathered wood is everywhere, brought to life by some colorful modern furniture, and while you wouldn’t mistake it for the Four Seasons, the accommodations are perfectly comfortable, and quite large, to boot.

Four Alley Suites are available in the original bowling alley, along with one cozier Camp Cabin out back. All of them come with king beds, Keurig coffee makers, Tivoli radios and wi-fi. From here the whole Hill Country is at your feet — your room comes with a guide to the surrounding area, and the staff is only too happy to help.


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