I Love Yosemite

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.50.44 PMYosemite.

John Muir hiked it. Ansel Adams took pictures of it.

We made it into a parking lot.

And to get into it, you wait in line. And once you do get in, it’s crowded.

Unless you know about this: Yosemite Conservancy’s Custom Adventures.

Our greatest national park is as much a victim of its own success as brunch at Outerlands: amazing, but overbooked by the hoi polloi.

Don’t be that guy, shoulder to shoulder with all the other that-guys.

Custom Adventures designs private excursions for you and your family with their on-call staff of naturalists, park rangers, professional photographers, artists and biologists — giving you an insider’s tour of a park that too many people just skim off the top.

Want to teach your kids to spot rare California birds? They can do that.

Want to spend a day on a hidden-away trail? That, too.

Find some under-trafficked vistas for your Instagram feed?

They won’t judge.

Best of all, proceeds go right back to the park.

If that’s not a virtuous circle, we don’t know what is.


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