A Study: People Tend To Gain Weight Once They Get Married

We know that people tend to gain weight once they get married. Maybe our comfort level gets to a point where we feel less of a need to impress each other. Who knows.

But a new study suggests that it’s actually when you get married — in relation to college — that matters.

Using health data from almost 14,000 people, the study authors came to a pretty shocking conclusion: People who got married before graduating from college were 50% more likely to later become obese than those who earned their degrees first. And they even controlled for the participants’ BMI and socioeconomic status pre-college age.

Why? Well, they’re not sure. But lead author Richard Allen Miech explained his theory in a press release: “People who earn a college degree before getting married are more likely to have developed problem-solving skills that allow them to overcome obstacles that may prevent them from exercising and eating healthy as they adjust to married life.”

Of course, you should still get married whenever the time’s right. If nothing else, this study shows us how many factors go into our health and what a real challenge it is to maintain.

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