Loving LA

Kick it off with two books:
First, Jonathan Gold’s Counter Intelligence. He’s as much a cultural anthropologist as he is a foodie.
Second, Carey McWilliams’ Southern California — a sunnier, more timeless history than most.

How can you not want to live a life with Apple Pan burgers on the regular and swimsuit always in the trunk.

Los Angeles has more to offer than the obvious sun, the place where dreams come true for example:
The Olympic Auditorium Project, a documentary about the rough-and-tumble venue that played home to L.A.’s prizefighting heyday (they hit their Kickstarter goal yesterday, but you can still help fund it).

Last year, InsideHook investigated the noir side of L.A. with a piece celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Chinatown that visited the film’s original shooting locations via tours, destinations and eateries that are still active today.

Check out some well documents hiked burned-down resorts, deactivated missile sites and the ruins of a bunker where Nazi spies once camped out.

Summer is here, and it’s a fine time to acquaint yourself with the secret history hidden among these hills.

There’s more to the land of smoke and mirrors than meets the eye.

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