When to Replace Key Things in Your Life

  • inde1xMattress: Every Seven Years

    If you’re vacuuming the surface regularly—an easy way to zap dust mites—your mattress should last quite a while.

    Bed Pillows: Every Two Years

    Just like your mattress, pillows are a haven for dust mites, which—ugh—can cause allergy-like symptoms to develop.

    Duvet: Every Five Years

    Just be sure to wash it at least once a season so it doesn’t get gross.

    indexTowels: Every Two to Three Years

    If you notice they’re losing their absorbency—or worse, starting to smell—it’s time to head to Bed, Bath & Beyond and restock.

    Bath Mat: Every Two Years

    This actually gets more wear and tear than your towels, but you should replace it for similar reasons: It’s less absorbent or it starts to fade or smell.

    indexSneakers: Every Six to 12 Months

    Runners refer to it as the 500-mile rule. Once they’ve crossed it, it’s time for a new pair.

    in4dexBras: Every Eight Months

    That’s why you need up to eight in rotation. As long as you wash them properly, they’ll hold on to their elasticity and support.

    i1ndexPhones: Every Two to Three Years

    While it’s smart to time your purchases with the release of the new model, as long as the operating system is still supported (find out which OS you’re running here), your phone is in good shape.

    Plastic Food Storage Containers: Every Two to Five Years

    Be on the lookout for scratches and cracks. If you spot one, toss the container now to steer clear of food spoilage or germs.

    ind44exBrita Water Filters: Every Two Months

    Any longer and you’ll start to notice a change in the taste.

    i123ndexToothbrushes: Every Three to Six Months

    The second the bristles start to splay, it’s time for a replacement.

    i12magesMakeup Brushes: Every Two Years

    Just be sure you’re washing them at least once a week.

    mindexMascara: Every Three Months

    That’s about how long a tube should last, assuming you use it daily. Beyond that, the formula will probably dry up—or worse, bacteria will form.

    bindexBike Helmet: Every Three to Five Years

    Keep up with the new technology, people. If you’ve experienced a crash, you should replace the helmet right away.

    miindexMicrowave: Every Ten Years

    If the cook times suddenly lengthen or you notice a buzzing sound, the motor might be burning out, which means it’s time for a new appliance.

    sindexSmoke Detectors: Every Ten Years

    If it chirps after you’ve replaced the batteries or there’s no sound when you perform the monthly test, it’s done.

    aindexAir Conditioner: Every Ten to 15 Years

    It’s all about energy efficiency. The newer your AC unit, the lower your electric bills.

    adindexHair Dryer: Every Five Years

    If your blow-dryer rattles or your hair starts to take a really (really) long time to dry, it’s time for a new one—like maybe a Dyson.

    rindexRefrigerator: Every Ten Years

    If you notice excessive condensation and your freezer looks like a blizzard hit it, start keeping an eye out for sales.

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