Trump or Clinton – Can I Have Neither?

Hopefully we’ve all had time to recover from yesterday’s cringe-, laugh-, and cry-worthy debate. There was real talk, post-apocalyptic scenarios, and conspiracy theories in the making. We also learned about “bad hombres” (and bad ombres!); the depths of Trump’s limited knowledge on abortion; and why dumb sexist insults make great feminist hashtags. At least now we have memes. for. days. Also, thankfully, we were spared the paternity test segment of what felt like a very special episode of The Jerry Springer Show. Some, however, wisely chose to just watch these chill sea turtles instead. Moving on, edible drones are on their way; these California restaurateurs are serving up piping-hot LGBTQ rights; sentient Teslas are coming for us (but not as our Ubers); this animated interactive game is keeping an indigenous language alive; a new exhibit lets you see through the eyes of refugees; Trump continues to ruin the lives of people he’s never met; these Missouri frat dudes who doled out roofies are sadly not the first (or last) group to do this; to wear or not wear the hijab isn’t so black and white; and these thousands of dead frogs may be a sign that the world is coming to end. If not, maybe just wake us up when it’s November 9th. —Laura Feinstein

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