How Some Prioritize Their Spendin

Here are eight millennial women from around the country, in eight major cities that all earn between $40,000 and $45,000 — some $10,000 above the median salary of the average American millennial woman.

I find it interesting to compare how similarly salaried people prioritize their spending.

new-yorkA just-moved-to-New-York woman reaping the benefits of living in the city.

Industry: Advertising
Age: 22
Location: NYC
Salary: $45,500
Paycheck Amount (2x a month): $1,270 after tax, 401(k), company gym membership, and Transitchek
# of Roommates: 1

Monthly Expenses:
Rent: $1,434
Utilities: $50 for internet/cable, ~$50 for electricity
Phone Bill: Still on the family plan, paid by my parents (thanks Mom and Dad!)
Health Insurance: Still on my parents’ insurance (thanks again parentals!)
Loans: $0 (full scholarship for undergrad)

bostonThe Boston woman dyeing her hair for her mother’s wedding, and cooking lunch batches every Sunday.

Occupation: Community manager and writer. I studied journalism but I’m working for a travel startup at the moment.
Industry: Social media and public relations
Age: 23
Location: Live in Somerville, work in Boston
Salary: $45,000
Paycheck Amount (every two weeks after taxes and insurance & commuting deductions): $1275
# of roommates: 1 (my boyfriend plus two cats)

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $700 (unevenly split with my boyfriend – he pays $800)
Student Loan Payments: $56.49
Utilities: We split the utilities every month. I usually pay $25 for internet + $30-70 for electricity and heat (varies seasonally).
Transportation (taken out of my paycheck pre-tax): $84.50 for unlimited monthly Charlie Card
Car lease: $90 (BF pays $100)
Car insurance: $100 (also split with my BF)
Gas: $20 (my boyfriend usually fills the tank but I also try to pay sometimes)
Phone Bill: $0 (my beautiful and generous mother picks up that tab).
Health Insurance (taken out of my paycheck pre-tax): $111 medical (Tufts Health Care) + $25 Vision and Dental (United Health Care)
Laundry: $10
Netflix: $0. He pays.

chicagoA senior sales executive in Chicago, getting free Classpasses in exchange for monthly dog-sitting.

Industry: Software as a service
Age: 25
Location: Studio in Lakeview/Wrigley, Chicago, IL
Salary: $45,000
Net Paycheck Amount (Every Two Weeks):$1300, plus between $500-2000 in commission
# of roommates: 0

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $865
Loan Payments: $350, but I pay more depending on my commission check
Utilities: $90
Transportation: $100 bus/train pass
Phone Bill: Parents Pay
Health Insurance: Under my mom’s
Gym: $119 Classpass, which my friend pays for in exchange for watching his dog one week/month

san-franA semi-recent college grad using Excel to track her expenses.

Industry: Operations at a jewelry company
Age: 23
Location: San Francisco, CA
Salary: $43,000 a year
Paycheck Amount (Every Two Weeks):About $1,350, after 2% pre-tax goes to my 401(k)
# of roommates: 2

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,267 rent per month
Loan Payments: $400/month, plus any extra income
Utilities: $27 a month — only Internet and PG&E
Transportation: $0. Canceled my public-transportation card, don’t have a car, and walk to work every day
Phone Bill: $0 (still on my parents’ plan)
Health Insurance: $0 (also still under my parents)
Savings: 5% of every paycheck to my savings account, 2% of that to a separate travel/savings account I don’t touch

vaA woman working as a nanny and dog sitter on the side, waiting to close on a condo with her sister.

Industry: Education Non-Profit
Location: Live in Alexandria, VA, work in Washington, D.C.
Salary: $44,100
Paycheck Amount (2x a month): $1,212.03
Age: 29
Roommates: Live at home, closing on a condo at the end of the month!

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $420
Mobile Phone: $43.91
Car Insurance: $33.76
Credit Card: $500
Gym: $35
403B Retirement Fund: $220.50


A recent California transplant visiting Hollywood tourist spots and prepping for a job interview.

Industry: Advertising Project Management
Location: Lives in Newport Beach, CA, works in Huntington Beach, CA
Salary: $40,000 + annual bonus (varies)
Paycheck Amount (2x a month): ~ $1,250 (after taxes & 401(k) contributions
Age: 26
Roommates: 1 (Boyfriend)

Monthly Expenses
Rent/Utilities/Internet: $750 (my portion paid directly to boyfriend)
Phone Bill: $68 (on my parents plan, paid directly to them)
Car Insurance: $83
Savings: $350 per month ($250 into 401(k) and $100 into savings account)
Spotify Account: $10.81


A Denver executive assistant running a foodstagram on the side, booking her wedding venue, and falling asleep during TV shows.

Industry: Executive Assistant, Energy
Age: 27
Location: Denver, CO
Salary: $40,000 yearly
Paycheck Amount (2x a month): $1,106 per paycheck after retirement, and Roth contributions.
# of roommates: 1, fiancé

Monthly Expenses
Rent & Utilities: $800 (My part of all the bills is included in this amount; I give it to my fiancé, and he pays them all.)
Credit Card Payments: Usually around $300-$500 depending on what I can do. We are planning our wedding, so there have been more things than usual put on my credit cards.
Transportation: $109.66 per month in insurance, $25ish in gas, car is paid off.
Phone Bill: $107.25 (includes Jump program, so I can upgrade my phone every 6 months if I want).
Health Insurance: $8.51 taken from paycheck for health, dental, and vision (company pays 95%).
Apple Storage: $2.99 per month


A woman in Atlanta working three jobs to pay off her car and saving for grad school.

Industry: Education, high school teacher
Age: 27
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Salary: $37,500 + about $3,000 extra income from summer jobs
Paycheck Amount (1x a month): $3,099.33 before things come out.
# of roommates: 1 boyfriend and 1 dog.

Monthly Expenses
Housing Costs: $0. My boyfriend and I share an apartment, and he pays rent ($1,150) so that I can focus on paying off my car and grad school. He has no debt, so he is very generous here.
Loan Payments: $500/month to student loans. This is way more than the minimum, but I am trying to knock them out.
Utilities: $250 — I give my boyfriend a flat rate each month for utilities. I pay for almost all the utilities, since I don’t contribute to rent.
Transportation: $415/month car payment plus $75 insurance.
Phone Bill: $30/month on my parents’ plan (thanks, Mom and Dad!).
Health Insurance: $90/month from my paycheck. Teachers get awesome and cheap health coverage.
$143.23 automatically comes out of my check for retirement. (The state adds $340.64 a month to that. Teaching has its perks.) As far as emergency funds, the amount varies monthly depending on what I can spare.
Gym: $30/month.
Alarm System: $25/month.


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