The Ultimate Treadmill

Do not be fooled by the seemingly low-tech aspect of Technogym’s new nonmotorized treadmill, the SkillMill.
Despite being powered by the user’s own might, this piece of home gym equipment is still very connected and can be programmed to boost stamina, strength, and even agility. Most traditional treadmills provide the means for a heart-pounding run or walk, with adjustments that can be made only for speed or incline, and users risk their lives if they try to get on or off mid-walk. But this new machine adds a safety factor because it will go only as fast as the user can push it. It is also much more versatile: Users can walk or run backward or even practice a sidestep. The self-powered nature of the SkillMill (starting at $7,890) means that metabolic rate will increase as it takes effort just to set the machine in motion. Our favorite feature, however, is the sled push. Increase resistance and use the sled setting for maximum activation of glutes and hip extensors. »  embed-skillmill

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