Help me choose a wallpaper

The most well-kept designer secret is now available for us normal folks: multi-panel mural wallpaper. It’s gorgeous, more affordable than hiring a painter and, best of all, easy to hang (you can do it in an afternoon)—some are even reusable (Hi there, renters). So which one do I choose?


Birds and flowers pair surprisingly well with whatever else is going on in your room.

Anthropologie ($228)


Double down on the whole crystal trend with this wall-size shimmering stone printed on silver Mylar paper.

West Elm ($540)


Your small space just got a whole lot bigger.

Hayneedle ($53)


Shades of blue in a bedroom? Now we’re getting sleepy.

Simple Shapes ($80)


If your personal mantra is “go big or go home,” then custom-size ordering is your best bet.

Surface View, price variable


Make your home your personal museum. We love this graphic take on Hokusai’s iconic Great Wave off Kanagawa.

StickerBrand ($25)


What little kid wouldn’t want what looks like a storybook illustration on her bedroom wall?

Pottery Barn Kids ($118)


A peaceful wash of color over half your room is way more interesting than the same old pastel accent wall.

Murals Wallpaper (price variable)

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