Here are the Floor Plans to TV’s famous spaces

Spanish artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde aka Nikneuk took the time and patience to draw the interiors and floor plans of her favorite TV shows and movies – 
A very tedious work and a pretty nice final result (except the fonts and logo choices) – Especially if you know the show (Simpsons, Sex in the city, friends, Dexter…) you will totally recognize the interiors.

Mr. Robot Apartment

Patrick Bateman Apartment in American Psycho

Joey and Rachel & Monica Apartment from Friends

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in The City

The Simpsons (both Floors)


Jerry Seinfeld

Malibu Beach house of Charlie Harper in Two & a Half Men


Ted Mosby’s Apartments from “How I met your mother”.

Sheldon & Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”.

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